Global Company Survey: Women in Business and Management

Over the past five years, the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Bureau for Employer’s Activities (ACT/EMP) has been working to support employer and business membership organizations (EBMOs) and their members on promoting gender diversity to realize better business outcomes. Our 2015 global publication, Women in Business and Management: Gaining Momentum brought gender diversity in large national firms and small and medium sized enterprises as well as in emerging in economies to the forefront. The report included results from 39 countries and over 1,300 companies that participated in the survey run together with EBMOs. This data went a long way to filling the current information gaps on women’s leadership in the private sector. Based on this work ACT/EMP has also responded to calls from EBMOs for more tools and good practices to enhance their gender-related services to support the private sector in achieving better business outcomes.

To build on this work, ACT/EMP is launching a new global company survey. The results of this upcoming survey will not only bring opportunities and challenges to gender diversity further into focus but also track progress on the issue from the 2013 survey results. We hope to achieve a greater number of responses to ensure we have reliable data that can help inform our work and the work of EBMOs in the future. ACT/EMP would like to invite you and your members to participate in this survey.

In order to conduct this research, the ILO has partnered with Lightspeed Research, a global research services firm with significant experience in conducting online surveys. We aim to gather responses from over 10,000 firms across the global. To ensure the survey captures the views of your members, we would like to invite you to distribute the link below to your member companies and to encourage them to submit their responses through this survey. The survey is available in a number of different languages and also compatible with mobile devices. Your support for this survey will be invaluable in helping to reach our target and inform a robust research project that will serve businesses and their representative organizations across the globe.

This survey forms part of the abovementioned ongoing ILO research project and will culminate in a substantial report that will be publicly available in 2019.

We thank you for your time and contribution to this research.

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