Intervention by the President of EMCOZ at the 105th Session of the International Labour Conference: Geneva, Switzerland | 7June |2016

Introductory Message

  1. Madame Chair, you are the first Chair of this Conference from SADC and I bring to you hearty congratulations from all the Employers of Zimbabwe. We are, indeed,  proud of you and we similarly salute both your Deputy Chairs.

With your permission, I will make very brief comments on the Director General’s Reports to this Conference from a Zimbabwe                           perspective.

  1. The ILO has gone beyond the call of duty in assisting Social Partners in my country. Zimbabwe Employers appreciate the effort and take this opportunity to acknowledge the support and thank the Director General and all staff at the ILO.

The Director General presented two reports to the Conference. In Report 1 (A) he reports on the “ILO Programme                          Implementation  2014 – 15” and in the second one, Report 1 (B) he reports on “The  End to Poverty Initiative – The ILO and the 2030 Agenda”.  I will refer to both.

  1. In Report 1 (A), which happens to be the last performance report of the ILO under the Strategic Policy Framework 2010–15, the Director General reports on the implementation of the ILO programme for 2014–15 which, as we are all aware, was structured around the four strategic objectives of the Decent Work Agenda which are: CLICK HERE TO READ MORE: Intervention at 105th Session of ILC