Intervention in the Committee on the Application of Standards: Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98)

ILO GB Room |3 June 16 |10h00


  1. Madame Chair, congratulations on your appointment , Greetings from the employers of Zimbabwe and my gratitude for the permission to make this intervention.
  2. Looking at what a learned friend called the Charge Sheet for Zimbabwe, Employers were not sure whether they should intervene at all as none of the issues directly pertain to them. We decided, however, that we are part of the Nation of Zimbabwe and have an obligation to this august Committee to speak the truth to both Government and Labour. Incidentally, Madame Chair, some might argue that we need to hear the truth ourselves. We agree and don’t shy away.
  3. To be exhaustive, we will take each charge on the charge sheet seperately.


(Complaint made under article 26 of the Constitution of the ILO)


ARTICLE 1 OF THE CONVENTION –  “Adequate Protection Against Acts Of Anti Union Discrimination”.

  1. The Committee, in previous comments, has requested the Government of Zimbabwe to provide statistical data on the number of complaints relating to anti-union discrimination lodged with the competent authorities, number of complaints examined, sample of judicial  decisions issued,  average duration of procedures and sanctions applied.


  1. The Committee noted that the Government responded as follows:
  • According to sec 65 of the new Constitution, which recognises freedom of association, redress for anti-discrimination acts should be sought in the Courts; and
  • Because of a lack of a labour market information system, it is impossible to obtain detailed statistics on anti-union discrimination cases.
  1. The Committee further noted that
  • The Government’s comments to the 2012 ITUC and ZCTU observations do not address the allegations of acts of anti-union discrimination contained in these communications;
  • The 2014 and 2015 ITUC and ZCTU observations contain new allegations of specific acts of anti-union discrimination; and
  • In its reply to the 2015 ZCTU allegations of anti-union discrimination, the Government requested further information to be able to carry out further investigations.
  1. In view of the above, the Committee concluded “Observing with concern the absence of specific information regarding the protection granted in practice to workers subject to anti-union discrimination,  the Committee requests the Government to make every effort to submit detailed elements in this respect and to reply to the ITUC and the ZCTU observations”.   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE:Intervention CAS 2016