Supporting Companies in Implementing Workplace HIV and AIDS Programmes

Background Information

EMCOZ has been getting support from the Global Fund (GF) to assist companies in establishing and scaling up the response to HIV and AIDS in the workplaces. GF is a pool of funds from the donor community that assist developing countries to fight three diseases, that is, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV and AIDS. The grant under round 8; phase two, came to an end in December 2013 because the GF has adopted a new funding model that is not currently the private sector. EMCOZ however continues in this endeavour with the capacity built during the GF support period.

EMCOZ Thematic Area

EMCOZ assists companies in implementing activities under the prevention thematic area, and thereby facilitating the private sector in scaling up the response to HIV and AIDS in the workplace.

EMCOZ can provide technical support in implementing the following activities

  • Advocacy workshops with the management on HIV policy and programs
  • Training the leadership and shop floor in HIV prevention and Behaviour Change
  • Development of HIV workplace Policies at sector and company level
  • Training of peer educators to strengthen the workplace HIV response
  • Training trainers in peer education and refresher training for peer educators
  • Training of labour inspectors and managers in monitoring statutory instruments in HIV and AIDS management in the workplace

Lessons learnt during the implementation period

  • Management commitment and support is critical in scaling up the workplace HIV response, and HIV and Wellness to be part of the CEO’s key result area
  • Having a dedicated cadre to drive the HIV workplace programme is critical as a programme catalyst
  • For the programme success, the concerned entities should have a small budget line dedicated to wellness including HIV and AIDS

Sustainability of the workplace HIV and AIDS programme without Global Fund support

The GF funding mechanism still remains in Zimbabwe (2014-2016) but supporting what they call the high impact activities under the new funding model. The private sector is not covered under the new funding arrangement, but can still continue to get technical assistance from EMCOZ to rum the HIV and AIDS activities for sustainability purposes. This calls for commitment from the companies/organizations management to support and facilitate a sustained implementation of workplace HIV and AIDS activities at company level, and create a healthy work environment for all.