What We Do

EMCOZ’s decisions and functions are exercised through consultation with the membership. The members are represented at Council, which is responsible for formulating policy, approving the budget of EMCOZ and electing the members of the Executive Committee. The secretariat performs the day to day operations of EMCOZ.


Building trusted relationships is what we are all about. EMCOZ membership is designed to develop long-lasting relationships that deepen and evolve through our core value. Now more than ever, building trusted relationships is critical to business success.


We represent and work alongside trade unions, Government and Non-governmental organisations and on both sides of the negotiating table. EMCOZ is well-placed to point out and work towards what is good for all stakeholders.



Our business intelligence is designed to help businesses work together to pass effective business and explore new opportunities.


We collect, synthesise and disseminate information relevant to labour and employment with a view to furthering industrial harmony and productivity.


EMCOZ lobbies for Zimbabwean employers’ rights and interests locally and internationally.


Consultancy EMCOZ provides consultancy services and training in Industrial relations, Management training, Health and safety, Productivity and Labour related legal issues.


At EMCOZ we offer high quality and diverse training for all parts of the workforce. This includes everything from seminars to workshops, both in-person and online.