Fill in the form and pay the joining and subscription fees. You can call EMCOZ for a copy of the fee structure.

Membership levels only exist for sponsorship of the annual congress and the benefits relate to advertising space.

The benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Regular updates on the labour market
  • Business networking
  • Involvement in Advocacy and lobbying directions for macroeconomic issues and the labour market;
  • Advice and consultancy on labour law, industrial relations and retrenchments
  • Discounts in workshop attendance fees.

Through bank transfer to the EMCOZ bank account. Call EMCOZ to request bank details, +263 (024) 2739649, 2739647, 2739630, 2739133

You can send an enquiry through the website by completing the form on the Contact us page, or telephone the EMCOZ office, +263 (024) 2739649, 2739647, 2739630, 2739133

You can call the EMCOZ office and enquire, or see your account details on you My EMCOZ page.

+263 (024) 2739649, 2739647, 2739630, 2739133

You can telephone the EMCOZ office and enquire.

+263 (024) 2739649, 2739647, 2739630, 2739133

Would you like to take a look at legal precedence and labour legislation in Zimbabwe? To see more legal resources you can do so by visiting the <<<<<.org which provides online access to labour judgements free of charge.

Take a look at minimum wages for the lowest-paid worker across sectors in Zimbabwe. If you are a member you can access sector minimum wage information.

If you are interested in trading with Zimbabwe, or with companies based in Zimbabwe, or you have questions on trade with Zimbabwe you can find out more information from Zimtrade, and the Central Bank of Zimbabwe.

To find out more information about competitiveness at the workplace and productivity measurement, you can visit the Zimbabwe National Productivity Institute.

If you want to speak to another business organisation in a foreign territory where you have business interests, visit the SADC Private Sector Forum (SPSF) online